Should You Own Or Rent A House

Why are many homeowners in America today turning to renting apartments? The above is a question that keeps ringing in my mind. Although there has been a lot of contention on this issue, people today find renting cheaper as compared to renting an abode. Unlike homeowners, individuals who rent homes spend less regarding maintenance. Whenever a problem arises like in a shower or drain system, an individual who has leased a dwelling just calls the landlord and has repairs done for him. On the other hand, homeowners are a worried lot. Their dissatisfaction primarily comes from the constant fear of losing their abode especially if its ownership is by way of mortgage. If a person owning a residence chooses to sell his home, the Real Estate Virtual Tours might discourage potential buyers from going through with the transaction due to the house’s poor state of maintenance.

Is It A Case Of Misplaced Priorities?

In American history, people have always had the hope of becoming homeowners. However, individuals are turning becoming more acclimatized to leasing homes. To current generations, home ownership is a big gamble primarily because it constrains one to a fixed location, possibly for an entire lifetime. Secondly, home ownership does not offer much flexibility for young people as they seek to start their lives. They thus result to renting residential apartments since it offers them with the convenience of taking up better opportunities particularly when employment is a concern.

Also, home ownership does not favor low-income families in any way. The above statement remains true just because this group of individuals can only afford dwellings in low-income neighborhoods, homes that keep on deteriorating in value with time. Thus, the relative resale value keeps on depreciating and one might get peanuts if he ever chose to sell his establishment and the above mentioned might impact negatively on your Real Estate Virtual Tours.

Can You Afford To Buy A home?

In society today, money is the key to success. Without sufficient amounts of money, it is very hard to survive. In the American society, a majority of the population struggle just to have a meal a day, leave alone owning a home. So when it comes to satisfying the desire of owning a residential building, many people tend to opt for mortgages as a way to finance their dreams. However, mortgages or house loans are very hard to reply due to the high-interest rates involved. Therefore, it is wiser to rent a home as opposed to buying it since there is less stress involved plus you will end up losing less money at the end of the day.

Does Owning A Home Make Sense Today?

In the past decade or so, people chose to buy homes only because they could afford one, and also because settling in a fixed location helped them regain sufficient equity. Nevertheless, individual’s in today’s societies are more energetic and like to explore different places time and again. Thus, owning a residence might not prove to be a viable option for many. An occupied dwelling is convenient since one can always shift whenever the conditions do not act in their favor.

Renting a home gives you the opportunity to negotiate terms with your landlord. You can decide to pay rent at a specified date, unlike in home ownership where banks set specific dates for the repayment of mortgages. In the event you default an agreement as a homeowner, your dwelling might be taken away from you, something that will never happen to an individual who lives under a lease.


Author: Sophia Curry

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