7 Effective Ways to Prevent Online Trolls from Taking Over Your Website and Social Pages

Online trolls are ruining the rational and civil internet users since the beginning of the web. Things get ugly when the internet users have the shield of anonymity. Internet users can easily hide their identities behind the screens of computers. Internet trolls popped out in the era of the 90s, when the online discussions, comments, and group chats had just started. Trolls exist to kindle your views, work, and thoughts. Trolls attack you because of the conflict in the opinions. They usually have vindictive behavior towards you. Sometimes, internet trolls have some bashful thoughts towards you. They start threatening you, harassing, bullying, and damaging you psychologically.

In this article, we have effective ways to fight back. To take over online trolls that are destroying your company website and social pages. Moreover, to prevent your site and yourself from trolls is important for your mental health. Here are some ways to halt trolls and maintain mental peace and civility.

In this article, Readout 7 ways to defeat internet trolls.

1. Make a No Trolls Policy

As an in charge, you can make a policy for your site. If you own a blog site, a social media account, a social page, or a website, you have the authority of the comments board. You can make a no trolling policy for your site’s comment section and discussion forums. Make a page for guidelines that informs users that trolling behavior will not be tolerated by your site. These guidelines should inform users that their hate and bully comments will ban them. Moreover, you can delete their comments. And, in the future, they cannot use your site for commenting.

2. Get an Arbitrator

If you have a troll problem on your site, blog, or page, get an arbitrator to solve the problem. He can control the trolling situation. For example, if you have thousands of blogs on your site. You cannot manage each and every blog by yourself. You need a person who has an eye on your blog’s comment section. A person who can monitor your blogs and discussion board.

Hire a team of arbitrators. This team is able to vet comments and intervene to deal with violators and trolls. This step is an encouraging step towards stopping trolls. Make your site and blogs a welcoming atmosphere for users. If you have limited resources and you cannot hire an arbitrator. Then, there are tools on social media platforms. Like, Facebook’s comments filter policy and adding comment moderators. Moreover, social media platforms do have report abusive language tools.

3. Ignore the Online Trolls

Some trolls have psychological issues, but, some do this to get attention. Therefore, you should ignore the trolls. This could be the best way to stop them from commenting. If you ignore them for a time, ultimately, they will stop commenting on your site and blog. I know this way is not easy at all. If the trolls are commenting on abusive and offensive words, it is tough for you to ignore them. But this is an easy way to stop them.

4. If You Cannot Ignore Trolls, Ask Them to Back Up

Usually, the trolls do not have rational arguments. Moreover, they do not have knowledge about the blog. They just do this for fun and making jibe of someone. So, if you cannot ignore such people, ask them to back up their comments. Ask them to defend their comments with rational arguments and knowledge. Otherwise, just back off from your blog.

5. Make Your Social Media Accounts Friends-Only

On every social media account, there are different privacy tools. However, you can make your profiles friends-only. Thus, trolls will stay away from your profiles.

6. Be Kind to Trolls

Trolls usually want to bring out your ugly side. They want to make you angry. Back off their hate comments with your kindness.

7. Use of Humor

You can reply back to trolls with funny comments. Turn their hateful comments into humor.

Author: Sophia Curry

Award-winning communicator. Travel junkie. Web fan.

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